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Course Structure for Third Year in Bachelor of Commerce Degree:

 (A) SMESTER-V (COMMERCE) (T.Y.B.Com.) (600 marks)

(a) Course Structure

(i) One paper in Economics (100 marks)

(ii) One paper each in two Commerce subjects (other than that selected as major). (200 marks)

(iii) Three papers in a subject under major category from the list notified by the University. (300 marks)

(iv) The candidate shall be required to carry out work for the project during Semester-V & VI. The assessment of the project will be carried out at the end of Semester-VI.

(B)  SEMESTER-VI (COMMERCE) (T.Y.B.Com.) (700 marks)

(a) Course Structure:

(i) One paper in Economics (100 marks)

(ii) Two papers in the same Commerce subjects as offered in Semester-V. (200 marks)

(iii) Three papers in the same Major category subject as offered at Semester-V. (300 marks)

(iv) One project paper on the given topic preferably related to any paper at (i) or (iii) in Semester-V. (100 marks)

Project to be evaluated in Semester-VI for 100 marks.